We Honor Ours (WHO) Awards

The SBTA WHO awards are given annually to recognize individual members of our local association who have demonstrated outstanding service to SBTA and support of public education. 










Lisa Minotto, 2016 WHO Award Winner as SBTA Bargaining Chair and exemplary Rep on the SBTA Representative Council.


Cathy Garcia, 2015 WHO Award winner as SBTA Elections Chair and exemplary Rep on the SBTA Representative Council.


Irene Pattenaude and Julie Crandall, 2014 WHO Award winners as exemplary Reps on the SBTA Representative Council.


Brendan Carroll, Mike Thrasher and David Holmes, 2013 WHO Award winners for their outstanding work on the SBTA Executive Board over several years.

WHO Awards Hall of Fame

2015-16 Lisa Minotto

2014-15 Cathy Garcia

2013-14 Irene Pattenaude, Julie Crandall

2012-13 Mike Thrasher, David Holmes, Brendan Carroll

2011-12 Jane Santos Sweeney

2010-11 Debbie Katzburg

2009-10 Bill Gourley

2006-07 Charles Kaska

2005-06 Layne Wheeler

2004-05 Linda Mitchell

2003-04 Kayleen Chilton

2001-02 John Muir

2000-01 Marty Blum

1999-00 Ken Stevens

1998-99 Fred Slotysik

1996-97 Mary Ringer

1995-96 Sheri Scott

1994-95 Rich Dovgin

1994-95 Loyda Marquez

1988-90 Pam Kinsley

1997-98 Robin Witlow

1986-87 Frank Stevens

1985-86 Jean Reiche

1984-85 Curtis Riddling

1980-81 Bob Young

1978-79 Ron Liberatore

1999-78 Morris Jenkins


Gold Awards  

The SBTA Gold Award is given annually to recognize individuals or organizations whose leadership, acts, and support have indicated they are true friends of public education, educators, or students in Santa Barbara. 








Debi Badger, 2016 Gold Award recipient for her support of educators in Child Development and after school programs in the Santa Barbara Unified School District.



Monique Limon, 2015 Gold Award recipient for her advocacy and support of educators as a member of the Santa Barbara Unified School District school board.


Christine Mainland White and Walter LaRiba, 2014 Gold Awards recipients for their service to education via the Santa Barbara County Education Office Partners in Education program Computers for Families.


Kathy Koury, 2013 Gold Award recipient for her contributions to public education through the Childeren’s Creative Project and i Madonnari Festival, which she founded.

KATE & ED 5-13 

Kate Parker and Ed Heron, 2013 Gold Award recipients for their contributions to public education as school board members for the Santa Barbara Unified School District.

Gold Awards Hall of Fame

2015-16 Debi Badger

2014-15  Monique Limon

2013-14 Christine Mainland White, Walter LaRiba

2012-13 Kate Parker, Ed Heron, Kathy Koury

2011-12 Marty Blum, Mark Ingalls, Lynn Rodriguez

2009-10 Ed Edick and Village Properties Teacher Fund

2008-09 Nancy Harter, Santa Barbara Symphony Music Van

2006-07 Nelson Parker

2005-06 Dr. Art Fisher

2002-03 Claire Van Blaricum

1999-00 Lois Capps

1995-96 Nancy Emerson

1990-91 James Keenan



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